With Shortcodes product attributes can be displayed everywhere on the website.

The Shortcoode is:

[wugrat_attributes layout=<layout_id> product_id=<product_id> group_id=<group_ids>]


- The id of the layout, same number as the layout option in the settings. Eg.: 2 - Complete Shortcode: [wugrat_attributes layout=2 product_id=101]

- The id of the product. Eg.: 101 - Complete Shortcode: [wugrat_attributes layout=2 product_id=101]
- It is also possible to write "recent", in this case the recent product is show. This naturally works only when the Shortcode is entered on a product related page such as the detail product page. Eg.: "recent" - Complete Shortcode: [wugrat_attributes layout=2 product_id="recent"]

- The ids of the attribute group. Multiple, comma separated values are allowed (no space between). Eg.: 10,11 - Complete Shortcode: [wugrat_attributes layout=2 product_id=101 group_id=10,11]